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Friday, 16-Apr-2010 08:38
the giant's causeway
glamer tempat nih :-D unik & sgt...sgt menarik :-D batu2 kat tepi laut nih semua bersegi :-> tempat nih selalu jadi setting berlakon,salah satunya cter Hell Boy part 2 :-D Kat bawah nih ada artikel mcm mana boleh terbentuk batu2 bersegi tu & dongeng pasal kawasan nih

Geological evidence suggests that the Giant's Causeway was formed by the aftermath of an ancient volcano. Sixty five million years ago, Co Antrim experienced intense volcanic activity, when fluid molten basalt broke apart chalk beds to form what is now known as the Antrim plateau. When the molten lava hit the seawater, it cooled quickly and formed the famous basalt columns. There were three periods of volcanic activity which resulted in the flows known as the lower, upper and middle basalts, which can now be seen in the cliff faces. The similar basalt formations at the site of Fingal's Cave on Staffa are part of the same lava flow which began in Antrim.

On your visit to the Causeway see if you can spot some of the rock features which resemble objects such as the Giant’s Eyes, Giant’s Boot, Camel’s Hump, Organ and Chimney Stacks.

The Legend of Fionn MacCumhaill
Legend claims that the giant Fionn MacCumhaill (Finn McCool) built the Causeway from the North coast of Antrim as a pathway to the Scottish island of Staffa to confront his enemy Benandonner. The existence of similar basalt columns at Fingal's Cave on the island reinforced belief in the legend.

Determined to confront Benandonner, Fionn spent almost a week building the causeway to Staffa. He did not stop working for six days and when he laid the final stones, Fionn fell asleep on the causeway. The thundering footsteps pounding on the causeway awoke Fionn who saw the giant Benandonner approaching. When Fionn saw that Benandonner was almost twice his own size, Fionn raced home to Oonagh, his wife. Oonagh wrapped Fionn up in blankets as if he was a baby and left him to sleep in a large cradle by the fire side. When Oonagh welcomed Benandonner into her home, she explained that Fionn would arrive soon and that Benandonner could wait by the fireside, as long as he did not awake the sleeping infant. When Bendandonner saw the huge size of Fionn's child, he could only imagine the size of the baby's father. A fearful Benandonner ran back to Staffa, tearing up the causeway to prevent Fionn from following.

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